Sample Routes

Examples of routes, truckload LTL/FTL, and delivery details to see how competitive our prices are.

Sample 1: from Jersey City, NJ to Oakland, CA

Jersey City, NJ

Oakland, CA

From: Jersey City, NJ
To: Oakland, CA

Shipment: 1 truckload.
Product: Green coffee.
Weight: 40.000 lbs.


US $2,300.00

Sample 2: from Denver, CO to Chicago, IL

Denver, CO

Chicago, IL

From: Denver, CO
To: Chicago, IL

Shipment: 2 pallets (5,000 lbs).
Product: Adhesive.
Weight: 4.000 lbs.


US $475.00

Sample 3: from Minneapolis, MN to Chicago, IL

Minneapolis, MN

Chicago, IL

From: Minneapolis, MN
To: Chicago, IL

Shipment: 1 truckload.
Product: Printed matter.
Time: 40.000 lbs.


US $995.00

(*) Those are sample quotes, calculated according to our real price table, subject to several adjustments particular to your shipment, timing, itinerary, transportation needs, pick and delivery, and other details. Please, get a quote for your specific shipment now and we’ll answer with your real quote.