2022 marks the 25th year Traffic Management has been in business.

We have grown so much over the years and want to thank our loyal customers and dependable
carriers who have stuck with us through the good times and the tough times.
In the last 25 years we have weathered five presidents, three recessions, and several fuel spikes
(including the one going on now). We have customers still shipping today that were with us
when we started in a one room office by the Minneapolis-St Paul airport in September of 1997.
Now, 25 years later, our office has gone virtual with the help of some great new technology developed over the past few years.

There have been so many changes since 1997, but our commitment to providing quality,
personalized service to our customers has never changed. Even as smaller companies get
swallowed up by larger ones, you will always have an accessible, dependable partner in us.
From finished goods to raw materials, you can count on us to get products moving where they need to be.

Thank you to everyone over the years who has contributed to the success of Traffic Management, Inc.

We really do appreciate the trust you place in us.

Dawn Montez
(763) 544-3455
Traffic Management, Inc