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Dependable Service — professional from dispatch to accounting to drop-off. Trucking and freight service to and from anywhere in the world. Traffic Management is based in Minnesota and specializes in moving freight.


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Minneapolis Trucking and Shipping Services. Traffic Management provides transportation and logistics services to large and small businesses, including trucking, shipping, consulting, distribution, and import/export.

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Reliable delivery matches the best price for any kind of freight delivery. GET A QUOTE for your trucking or freight service, and see for yourself. Repeat will tell you, “You’ll be glad you did.

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Dawn Montez, Owner Traffic Management & Shotgun Express

“Having Traffic Management, Inc. work for you gives your company access to some of the most affordable, dependable carriers hauling freight today. Traffic Management has over 25 years of knowledge of the freight industry. With all that experience on your side, you make a good impression on existing or potential customers. We service all of North America and beyond! Traffic Management’s team delivers trucking and logistics solutions, bringing you low pricing as a direct result of strong relationships with our network of carriers. Traffic Management is based in Minneapolis, MN, and was founded by Dawn Montez in 1997. Traffic Management, Inc. is licensed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association as a freight broker and freight forwarder”.

Dawn Montez, Owner of Traffic Management

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