When considering changing freight brokers, businesses should take into account several factors:

Environment: It is important to have a good feeling about the freight broker, as this will likely reflect how your customers and carriers will feel when they need assistance from the broker. Businesses should look for freight brokers who are easy to communicate with, responsive, and knowledgeable.

Market Advantage: Freight brokers who have established relationships with shipping companies can help businesses develop their customer base. Look for freight brokers who have experience in the industries that you operate in and who can provide unique insights and connections.

Support & Special Requests: Businesses may have unique needs or requests that require extra attention. Mid-sized brokers may be more flexible and accommodating than larger freight brokers. Consider brokers who are willing to provide personalized support and can handle special requests.

Financial Stability: Cash flow problems can impact 43% of small businesses, making it important to choose a financially stable freight broker. Businesses should ask for current credit reports and investigate the broker’s payment history to ensure they can meet their financial obligations. This can mitigate risks and ensure consistent shipping to help businesses maintain a healthy bottom line.

Reputation: Online reviews are trusted by 88% of customers, making it important to choose a freight broker with a positive reputation. Checking carrier references and reading online reviews can help ensure fair treatment of carriers and customers. Look for freight brokers who treat their carriers and customers fairly and have a reputation for ethical business practices.

Technology: Technology is important to 75% of companies in their supply chain strategy. Choosing a freight broker with a solid Transportation Management System (TMS) can help streamline shipping processes, reduce errors, and provide real-time tracking and reporting.

Commission Rates: While commission rates are important, they should not be the only consideration. Businesses should look for freight brokers who offer competitive rates while also providing high-quality service and support.

Healthy Freight Broker: The third-party logistics (3PL) industry is expected to reach $1.3 trillion in 2023. Choosing a reputable freight broker who can balance the risks involved in logistics management and maintain a healthy business are essential. Look for brokers who have a solid financial foundation, a strong reputation, and a focus on providing excellent customer service.

In addition to the above factors, businesses may also want to consider the broker’s geographic coverage, industry experience, and availability of value-added services such as insurance and customs brokerage. By carefully considering these factors, businesses can find a freight broker who meets their unique needs and supports their success.

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