Imagine the package size when it takes 5 guys, multiple cranes, ladders, traps the size of football fields and straps acting as the scotch tape. That was the latest extreme shipping example successfully completed by Traffic Management for Dow Chemical. The package, a Johnson screen for a reactor in a refinery plant.

From the photos, you can see the package was larger than a railcar. Due to the massive 155x184x199″ size, the transport team was only allowed to drive during daylight hours and at one point needed to a police escort. The total weight, 145,000 lbs., was the equivalent to driving a full-grown whale from Minnesota to Texas but twice as long.

Johnson Screens, a division of Aqseptence, designs and manufactures a wide range of vessel internals for media retention. Amongst these innovative products is a line of internals used in down-flow or up-flow systems to retain the often-costly media and to provide a collection area for the process flow across the entire vessel diameter or length. Because of their strength, durability and flow characteristics, our support grid and distributor tray systems are widely used in hydrotreaters, desulfurized, hydrocrackers, molecular sieves, sand filters, gas sweeteners, and other absorption systems.

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