It seems lately companies have started talking about, defining, and advertising their company culture. Some logistics companies use it as a marketing tool for recruiting employees and freight agents. The interesting thing about culture is that many companies approach it like it’s only relevant to recruiting! If this is the case after the employee or freight agent commits and joins the logistics company they find out it doesn’t stand for any of the ideals this new person was lead to believe.

Not only does company culture have a huge impact on the office environment, but it actually has a huge impact on customers also! Solid company culture means that employees are interested and fulfilled in their jobs. They are also properly trained and dedicated to maintaining the company culture. This always makes for a better customer service experience. Prioritizing company culture is an easy way to ensure consistent and reliable customer service.

At Traffic Management, “company culture” is not just a buzzword. Our company culture is relationship-driven and focused on serving our customers, carriers, freight agents, and employees 100% of the time! When shippers rely on us, we take it seriously and we will do whatever it takes to ensure our customers receive outstanding service. We are dedicated to ethical business practices. We provide detailed communications from start to finish. We handle logistics management with the sense of urgency that your business deserves. Anything less is not acceptable.

We’ve focused on this culture since 1997 when we opened and we have developed a multi-year track record of impeccable logistics management service. This culture has allowed our company to grow steadily for years and become a leader in an industry where many other logistics companies have come and gone.

Company culture is an interesting consideration that many don’t take into account. Whether you are a customer, carrier, freight agent, or looking for a logistics job, focus on partnering with a logistics management company that shares your culture.