Here are some items to think about before making a decision​.​

Environment – When talking with them, the way you feel is how your customers and carriers will feel when they need assistance from the prospective freight broker.

Marketing Advantage – Find the freight brokers that can enhance your ability to develop customer relationships with shipping companies.

Support & Special Requests – You have special needs and requests catering to your customers, most mid-sized brokers have an easier time accommodating compared to larger freight brokers.

Financial Stability – The prospective freight broker needs to be financially sound​ and ​ask for current ​well known ​credit reports​.

Reputation – Get carrier references and ask them if they are treated fairly by the freight broker.

Technology – Look for a freight broker with a solid (TMS) Transportation Management System.

Commission Rates – Looking only for the highest commission rate should not be your most important consideration.

Healthy Freight Broker – A Freight broker/3pl must be able to balance the risks involved in the logistics management business.

Traffic Management is an FMCSA, DBE, and certified women-owned company. Our FMCSA certification is a national certification. We are currently DBE certified in Minnesota and adding certifications to more states. We have been in the freight brokerage industry since 1997. We are proud of our agent-based program and we recognize it has been an integral part of our success. We are currently looking for experienced freight agents. If you are interested in speaking with Traffic Management about our freight agent program, feel free to contact us. 

Dawn Montez



​NOTE: This is an abbreviated repost from ​What Are Freight Agent’s Concerns When Choosing a Freight Broker/3PL?