It’s not often that mergers, like that of Tyrone Transportation with Traffic Management, Inc. goes this smoothly. But according to the new owner Dawn Montez, of Traffic Management, the union came without incident. Or should I say “without a hitch.” (pun intended). And I, Leo Luskey, former owner of Tyrone Transportation, would have to agree.
The day was like any other when I got the call that would change the course of my path forever. Pat O’Neil of Traffic Management had contacted me and after a brief but friendly chat, we agreed to meet for lunch.
We talked for a while about our company’s histories and how strange it was, that until then, we had never heard of the other. After all, our businesses were only a few miles apart, in Blaine, MN. Ironically, we also discovered that both Pat and I have been in the freight industry for 30+ years.
I expected our meeting to be about doing some work together and helping each other out here and there. But not long after we sat down at that local Olive Garden, came the offer to buy my company, Tyrone Transportation. There it was. As if it was literally placed on the table in front of me. Up until that moment, I had honestly never thought about selling my business, at least not any time soon.
On September 23, 2016 we closed on the sale. Everything about the transition went perfectly, and today I’m certain that the decision was the right one. Once the sale was final, Erin, my operations manager from Tyrone, joined the Traffic Management crew and Dawn contracted me to stay on until January 31, 2017 to help facilitate the transition for my customers. Together we visited each and every one of my customers to introduce them to Dawn and Traffic Management who would be handling their account going forward.
Overall I felt really positive about the way things went and about how they will go in the future. The loss I expected to feel after selling my business was quickly replaced with the now two-year friendship I have with Dawn. Further, I have peace of mind knowing my customers are in good hands.
For Dawn and Traffic Management, business is good! She gained the ability to diversify her portfolio with flatbed brokerage services, along with the staff and knowledge to make it successful.